High Performance Composites is continually called upon to consult for more cutting-edge and complex engineering challenges. Such projects represent the toughest engineering problems for our clients...on the roads, on the battlefield, in space and under the sea. From lightweight structural supports to pediatric crowns to a complete carbon fiber car; we design, engineer, and manufacture tomorrow’s mainstream composite products today.

HPC’s dozen plus engineers process a wide variety of in-depth academic and practical composite experiences. Led by David Humphires, High Performance Composites CTO, there is very little they haven’t seen, done...or can’t do. Humphries supports HPC’s innovative efforts with 25-plus years of composite and engineering management experience in aerospace, aviation and industrial markets. He has an in-depth knowledge of product design and development, advanced composite structures, manufacturing, aircraft preliminary & detail design and FAA / DOD compliance. As CTO, David is responsible for oversight of all aspects of engineering development. David also acts as the president of Crawford Composites. Some of his experience includes:

  • Advancement of high-temperature (750° F) tooling for Air Force composites processing and tooling systems for composite structures at DOD repair depots.
  • Design and manufacture of advanced composite structures for applications ranging from aircraft engines to Navy ships.
  • Secured 720 aircraft orders representing revenue in excess of $800 million.
  • Led 70 engineers in design, new product development and manufacturing R&D.
  • Developed resin-transfer-molding (RTM) technology for aircraft structures.
  • Led engineering of composite structures including the Goodyear Aerospace Advanced Air ship gondola and Walt Disney World monorail train car bodies.
  • Developed preliminary airframe design of the RAH-66 Comanche helicopter and a STOL transport aircraft airframe.